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Soaring Eagles: RCC Opportunities

Soaring Eagles: RCC Opportunities

Please visit the link below for detailed information about registering for RCC courses, FAQs, eligibility requirements, etc. Career and College Promise Information
“Early College” programs are not unique to UCA. All juniors and seniors in the state of North Carolina are able to take community college courses and earn both high school and college credits due to the State’s Career and College Promise Program (CCP).

What is CCP?
The Career & College Promise Program is a state-sponsored partnership involving the NC Department of Public Instruction, the NC Community College System, and the University of North Carolina System. CCP allows qualified students to take tuition-free courses that earn high school and college credits at the same time. This program includes a statewide agreement that governs the transfer of these credits between NC community colleges and NC public universities. Courses taken in the College Transfer Pathway receive AP-level high school credit (weighted) and will transfer to many four-year colleges and universities. Courses taken in any Career & Technical Education Pathway receive standard high school credit (non-weighted) and can help students complete diploma, certificate or degree programs at community colleges. A list of courses offered on both pathways can be found here.

Why take CCP?
Many high school students are taking community college courses to get an early start on their college and career education.  Because North Carolina pays tuition costs for CCP, UCA covers textbook costs and many credits earned are transferable to public four-year colleges in North Carolina, CCP (or dual enrollment) is an excellent way to get a jump start. Additionally, the list of CCP courses available to students expands options for classes in high school. This is especially helpful for seniors who feel they have "taken everything they want to take." Students will see CCP classes reflected on their UCA transcript. They will also be reflected on the student's college transcript.

CCP Eligibility Criteria
To participate in CCP, students must meet the criteria set by the State of North Carolina.
  • Be a current high school Junior or Senior
  • 2.8 or higher unweighted GPA
These are non-negotiable and a student will not be able to participate in CCP until their junior year at UCA.

Important Facts for CCP Students
Choosing to take CCP classes means you are ready for the responsibilities of a college class.  High school students taking RCC courses are NOT provided any special accommodations and are treated like college students. There may be stark differences between the high school and college’s policies on attendance, deadlines, and grading and CCP students are responsible for understanding these differences. UCA staff does NOT have access to course material or grades until final grades are received at the end of each semester and we are unable to intervene if a student is struggling in a CCP course.
Failing CCP classes will negatively impact your high school and college transcripts and can impact your future eligibility for financial aid and high school/college athletics. Students who fail CCP courses may not be allowed to continue in the program.

Please contact Meaghan Rabb at the high school if you have any questions about RCC/CCP opportunities ([email protected]).

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