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How to submit a support ticket

Technology Support Tickets

How Do I? Submit a support ticket

The IT department is here to assist and issue solutions for most technical issues that teachers and students have on a daily basis. We are happy to troubleshoot your problems and get you back running so that there is nothing holding you back! To keep these goals in check we use several systems that are dependent on user feedback. 

When should I submit a ticket?-

A support ticket should be created for ANY technical issue you have. This helps us keep track of our devices to ensure nothing is faulty, prevent issues in the future, and keep a written record to help the school grow in the coming years. 

Tickets can be submitted 24/7. You will then receive updates via email any time there is a change to your ticket. This includes updates, notifications, and status. There may be instances where we will request more information so that we are better prepared to address your issue. You may need to log in to One to One to provide feedback and information. It’s our goal to keep this entirely streamlined and user-friendly so feedback is appreciated!

  • We always suggest some simple fixes that may keep you wrapped up for less time, such as:

  • Ensuring that the connection is correct both from your device and to any power source. 

  • Restarting your device 

  • Disconnecting and reconnecting

  • For network issues, ensure that you’re connected to UCA Staff AND logged in to your staff email account. 

What is the ticket process? 

1. Submit a ticket and receive an automated response. 

2. You will then receive a follow up email of any further steps to take. 

Submit all available information, as it helps us give you the most accurate assessment and provide feedback that can keep you hassle-free for as long as possible. 

If you submit a ticket on behalf of your student, you should drop their device off at one of the designated device exchange areas when you are available. 

The IT Department can not take support requests outside of the ticketing software. We use this software to operate in a functional manner. Hopefully we can continue to assist you in a functional, stress-free manner that keeps everything running smoothly for everyone. 

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