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Welcome to Uwharrie Charter Academy



The Uwharrie Charter Academy will exist:

  • To provide a truly rigorous pathway to college and career readiness;
  • To afford students the benefit of a smalllearning communitywith a low teacher/student ratio in an effort to promote strong relationships with students and individualized support for learning;
  • To imbed the curriculum with STEM focused content through problem-based learning, historical developments in technology, hands-on math, and inquiry sciencethatrequires engineering and ingenuity
  • To promote hands-on, project-based learning in all courses;
  • To support the development of 21stcentury skillsintegrating the use of technology;
  • To partner with parents so that they understand their role intheir child’seducation;
  • To build relationships with local institutions in order to provide real-world connections and opportunities for applied learning; and
  • To promote environmental stewardship including the adoption of green practices in student’s everyday lives and the integration of NC’s Environmental Literacy Plan in a cross curricular approach.