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Heather Vuncannon - Superintendent

Mrs. Heather Vuncannon is the Superintendent of Uwharrie Charter Academy. She earned her B.A. in  Biology from UNC-Wilmington and her M.Ed. in Science  Education from UNC-Greensboro. Most recently she  completed an add-on program in School Administration  from High Point University. Heather spent 13 years in the  classroom teaching various levels of science, including  Advanced Placement Chemistry and Biology, and designed  her own course that emphasized research integrated with  field studies. Five of her years in education were spent at  the Asheboro High School Zoo School where she taught  and lead other teachers in project-based, experiential  learning applications for the classroom. An avid  environmental enthusiast, Heather enjoys providing  students the opportunity to witness nature’s intrinsic  beauty and to channel learning through its inherent  complexity. Her desire to start a charter school began with  passion for seeking new ways to engage and inspire  students outside of the traditional four walls that have come to squelch students' creativity through excessive testing and mediocrity. Heather has two wonderful children and enjoys playing with the family pets and exploring the great outdoors. As a native Randolph County gal, she is proud to have blazed a trail for education by opening the county’s first charter school.