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Elementary School

Uwharrie Charter Academy Elementary School serves grades K through 4 with a focus on project-based, experiential, future-centered learning to ensure students receive a well-rounded education and are prepared for their next stage of learning. Our elementary program uses North Carolina’s current Essential Standards to guide classroom teaching. Those efforts are supported with numerous resources vetted by research and data. Similar to our middle and high school programs, the elementary program incorporates hands-on learning and centers around making the connection between coursework and the “real world.”


The Town Concept

Our kindergarten through second grade curriculum is modeled around a town concept with twelve classrooms.  Each classroom represents a particular building found in a town, such as a restaurant, grocery store, post office, etc. Students will rotate through each themed classroom on a weekly basis. Each group of students moves with the same teacher while she or he focuses on different weekly themed lessons on core subjects.


The Civics Concept

Our third and fourth grade curriculum builds upon the K-2 town concept, moving to a model of classrooms with themes based on North Carolina and Social Studies. We have eight rooms: The State Capitol, Cherokee Reservation, North Carolina’s professional sports teams, North Carolina Zoo, North Carolina Agricultural Center, Famous North Carolinians, North Carolina Landmarks, and Geography. The rooms integrate the following components into instruction:  financial & environmental literacy, history, culture, geography, and government. Literacy, math, and science coursework is taught all revolving around these common room themes.




UCA Elementary School
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Lauren O'Brien
 Asst. Principal
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