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Student Parking

Car Pooling


Driving to and from UCA is a privilege.  We strongly encourage carpooling to lessen the effect on the environment, in accordance with the school’s mission. If you are willing to provide carpool or in need of carpool, please contact Jamie Parrish at 336-610-0813.


Student Parking


Personal transportation forms are available in the office and must be on file before students are allowed to drive to and from school. Before a pass will be issued you will need to make your payment online and turn in your completed form. You will not be given a parking space until both are turned in and approved. There is a total of 212 parking spaces and are distributed on a first come first serve basis. Any incident of reckless driving will result in loss of privilege. Parking passes are required and must be displayed from the rearview mirror. The passes and parking spaces will be numbered.


**Passes cost $30.00 per semester and $55.00 per year.  Should you be found parking illegally you will receive a $10 ticket. Vehicles without a pass or continued illegal parking are subject to be towed.