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6-8th Grade Steam Classes
4H- Nicholl Hicks

Students participate in 4-H youth programs such as healthy living, agriculture, animal science and citizenship. Helping students build life skills. We plan to complete:  Embryology (hatch & raise chickens to sell their eggs), Butterflies/ Hydroponics (grow plants & flowers butterflies love to make our own butterfly garden at the school. We will also hatch our own butterflies to add to the garden).

Intro to Zoology - Ashley Allen

Zoology is the study of organisms on the basis of location, behavior, characteristics, and classification. Students will be introduced to the concept of the classification (taxonomy) through the study of various groups of animals. Students will engage in a variety of activities such as the art of science note booking, conducting observation based research, dissections, and more! At the conclusion of this course students will identify an animal of their choosing to research and present about at the end of semester UCA Zoo exhibition.

Homesteading/Harvesting- Danielle Dills
Students learn to sew using πneedle and thread, they also learn the parts and practice using a sewing machine and create small items for potential sale. Students learn to crochet and make items for sale. Students also learn to mason jar can. This year we are also going to work with the 4H steam in harvesting produce/ products.
Hunter Safety/Conservation- JD Goodwin

Hunter Safety certification (prerequisite for buying your hunting license), indoor archery, outdoor 3D archery, tree stand safety, trail camera use, casting a fishing rod, making lures, fly tying, fishing trip, etc...

Journalism- Suzanne Bryant

Students learn the basics of print and broadcast journalism.  Within this course, students plan, research, write, and edit UCA news stories to create a weekly newspaper and broadcast that are sent out to teachers and parents.

Yearbook- Suzanne Bryant

Students work as a team to create the yearbook.  Yearbook students plan the pages, create layouts, take photographs, write and edit text, and help with yearbook marketing and sales.

Wind Chasers- Ben Grindstaff

Students will learn about flight and aeronautics.  We will be studying aviation history and building our own RC aircraft.  We will be having guest speakers and will be touring local airports.

Puzzlemaster-Kimberly Davis
Are you a Puzzlemaster? Students will research, solve, and create a variety of puzzles. Puzzles will include math, problem solving, and logic. Students will be asked to solve puzzles individually, with a partner,  and with a group.
Make Her Space/Make Him Space- Ella Kern/James Miley

In this STEAM  students will research areas of interest and have the ability to create content and products through various resources such as computers, 3-D printers, audio and visual devices, and traditional arts and crafts materials, including ecologic material. Some of the activities in this STEAM will be creating and racing Non-CO2 dragsters, making prosthetic hands, creating and flying drones, creating and selling T-shirts, and banners.

Design Squad!- Jenny McManus

In this STEAM, students will be learning about design and modeling through design projects. These designs will be modeled through computers and prototypes, as well as built in real life. Project ideas include creating furniture from recycled materials, building an automatic cat feeder, and designing and building dollhouses to sell.

Music Studio/WUCA- Kaylie Morgan

In this Steam, students will create and record original content for the biweekly radio show, WUCA. Students will also learn to use online music resources to create and perform original songs.

Homemade Hard Candy Science and Business Adventure- Aleah Honeycutt
In this STEAM, students will create and learn the science behind hard candy. Students will also learn to manipulate recipes and measurements to make the amount of candy that they need. Hard Candy colors will be based on the season. Students will also be responsible for making and designing candy wrappers.
Creative Writing- Aaron Barringer

In this STEAM, students will enhance their existing reading, writing, and critical thinking skills through a number of methods. We will be writing creative non-fiction, biographies, poetry, short stories, reporting and journalistic writing, op-ed pieces, all of which will be anchored in perspective, identity, and the environment. We will work on projects like creating book covers, watching a film/documentary and writing a review of it, along with compiling, editing, reviewing, and printing an annual magazine publication: “The Eagle’s Feather”, which will be a culmination of student’s art, poetry, short stories, and other written works throughout the year. Students will better understand themselves, their peers, and the world around us through observation, interviews, self-reflection, discussion, and journaling. For example, what does it feel like to be a student at UCA? This course will also be heavily anchored in environmental literacy and education, addressing questions like: How would you feel if you were an animal escaping from a forest fire or living in the ocean during an oil spill? Students will learn more about understanding, empathy, and what we can do as individuals and collectively to make our community a better place.

Lego Robotics- Megan Foster
In this STEAM, students will be introduced to the basics of building and programming robots.  We will look at building using blueprints as well as students creating their own designs to meet the needs of a specific challenge.
CSI UCA- Blakely Scearce

CSI UCA is a STEAM in which students will explore how to analyze evidence found at crime scenes.  Areas of exploration may include processing a crime scene, collecting and preserving evidence, identifying and analyzing types of physical evidence, hair, fibers, and paint, toxicology, arson and explosion investigations, DNA, fingerprints, and document analysis. This course combines basic theory and real laboratory experiments.

Barbelles- Kelsey Hoover

Barbelles is a female fitness STEAM course that explores body weight exercises and cardiovascular training designed to build muscular strength and endurance.  In addition to the physical aspect of this course, students will also be given the task of developing, teaching, and performing two thirty-minute workouts throughout the semester.  Aspects of leadership, teamwork, and dedication are just a few qualities that will be exemplified in Barbelles.     

Jewelry Maker- Amy Austin

Students will learn jewelry making techniques as they design and market their jewelry.  They will also learn to use recyclables to make beautiful jewelry pieces. Team members will work cooperatively to design not only the jewelry, but the packaging as well.  

Crossfit- Lee Kennell/ Meka Lamb

Crossfit is constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. These movements will be implemented through aspects of weightlifting, running, and gymnastics. Students will set personal fitness goals, measure results, observe classmates and reflect on their experience. Each workout will require students to use cooperative skills, think critically, communicate, encourage, practice safe movements and be determined in a competitive yet communal culture.

DIY/ Embellishment- Coble/C. Hoover

DIY and Embellishments allows students to unleash their creativity. Students will learn how to hoop and create custom embroidery including logo designs and monograms on fabric and clothing. The students will also learn the ins and outs of machine embroidery, such as trouble-shooting and  threading. They will immerse themselves in DIY projects to include upcycling furniture, vinyl decals and signs, home goods, making art via acrylic pour technique and barn quilt signs. Fall semester will focus on creating items for the UCA Harvest Sale. Students will be able to suggest additional projects that they would like to complete during the year.

Aquaponics- Eli Routh

Aquaponics is a combination of hydroponics and aquaculture.  Hydroponics is a method of agriculture that uses water for the production of food.  Aquaculture is the rearing of aquatic animals (ex. fish) for food. Students will grow fish and vegetables together while learning about their biology, the nitrogen cycle, and various aquaponic systems.

Re-Maker Space- Patrick Lawrence

Students will be creating renewable energy based vehicles such as cars and aircraft within the maker space. Students will also be handling the entrepreneurship aspect of makerspace such as sales, cost of materials, how to make a profit, as well as help with new designs and sponsorship. This allows students to not only see the financial aspect of makerspace but to also use their hands to create their own vehicles that would be more efficient for the environment.

Trash 2 Treasure- Lee Haywood

Students in T2T learn about the make up, break down, recycling and repurposing characteristics of different materials that are often discarded. Students use these materials to create 2 & 3 dimensional artwork. Students will be inspired by the work of environmental artists; Bryant Holsenbeck and Andy Goldsworthy along with Carolina Folk artists from across our state.

Apprenticeship- Thomsen/O'Brien

Students hand picked based on their ability, maturity, and trustworthiness will work closely alongside  Mr. O'Brien/ Mr. Thomsen. They will be tasked with facilitating and consulting with other STEAM classes to care for and use shop equipment, as well as work collaboratively with wood and metal to complete higher level, more difficult projects.  

Theatre Arts- Blair Johnson

This STEAM is a collaborative form of fine art that uses live performers, typically actors or actresses, to present the experience of a real or imagined event before a live audience in a specific place, often a stage. The performers may communicate this experience to the audience through combinations of gesture, speech, song, music, and dance. Elements of art, such as painted scenery and stagecraft such as lighting are used to enhance the physicality,presence and immediacy of the experience

Photography- Nicole Dombrowski

This course uses the advanced digital camera to build basic skills in students who have an interest in photography, but no prior experience. Using a combination of lecture, demonstration, and hands-on exercises, this course will explore the basic photographic techniques and artistic concerns involved in making photographs. These include camera handling, composition, effective use of light, file management, digital image manipulation and developing a photographic vision.

5th Grade Steam Classes
Sign Language- Faith Cagle

Students will learn basic skills sets to be able to communicate with others through the use of Sign Language. Students will use vocabulary, numbers, and word phrases that will give them the ability to sign for others speaking or singing. Students will also experience what feels like to be deaf, and hear sounds through vibrations. They will create a percussion instrument to demonstrate the use of vibrations to produce sound.

Origami- Ashley Rose

In this STEAM, students will learn the origins of origami, learn the geometry of the art, jobs incorporated along with it, and of course create it!

Stepping- Lora Ritter

In this steam students will invent, create and perform step routines. Students will learn about the origin of step and the relevance  of stepping in today’s society.

Sea Turtle Heroes- Bobbi Scott/ Melody McNeill

Students will learn about the dangers facing sea turtles.  We will building helpful devices, raising awareness, and organizing fundraisers.

Astronomy Adventures- Justin Tarlton

Students will learn about how humans observe the universe, what we have learned so far and what we hope to accomplish in the future. We will also focus on the technology behind manned and unmanned exploration of the past and present. There will also be chances for nighttime observations with telescopes.