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Michael Strickland

MichaelStrickland is a professor in both the Department of English and the Departmentof Environmental Studies at Elon University, where he teaches courses on adiverse list of topics from travel writing, science writing, mediastudies, and Beat Generation literature, to organic gardening and therelationship between humans and the natural world. He is the founding Directorof the Elon University Community Garden, and former Director of Writing acrossthe Curriculum at Elon. He has written or co-authored papers on topics thatrange from writing across the curriculum (WAC), experiential project- basededucation, and rhetorical analysis of scientific discourse, to semiotics andpopular culture. He did his undergraduate and graduate study at Clemson andUniversity of Georgia, and he has taught classes and workshops at largeuniversities and small liberal arts colleges from Maine to Florida. He and hiswife Tangye, both originally from coastal SC, came to Randolph County 23 yearsago, where she teaches kindergarten at Farmer School. They have 2 sons.