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Voice Recognition


Melissa Brown
Brown, Melissa
EC Teacher
Shelia Brumley
Brumley, Shelia
EC Teacher
Nicole Bryant
Bryant, Nicole
EC Teacher Assistant
Jordan Carter
Carter, Jordan
Math Teacher
Nicole Catherwood
Catherwood, Nicole
Science Teacher
Shelly Clemons
Clemons, Shelly
Business Education Teacher
Deidra ColClough
ColClough, Deidra
Math Teacher
Austin Davis
Davis, Austin
PE Teacher
Heather Dixon
Dixon, Heather
Family & Consumer Science Teacher
Allacin Duggins
Duggins, Allacin
English Teacher
Elizabeth Farmer
Farmer, Elizabeth
Agriculture Teacher
Andrew Fortune
Fortune, Andrew
History Teacher
James Goodwin
Goodwin, James
History Teacher
James Green
Green, James
High School Assistant Principal
Luke Gregson
Gregson, Luke
English Teacher
Amanda Griffin
Griffin, Amanda
Math Teacher
Rhonda Grissom
Grissom, Rhonda
Apex Coordinator
Alison Hargett
Hargett, Alison
EC Teacher
Melanie Haynes
Haynes, Melanie
Dance Teacher
Abigail Hill
Hill, Abigail
Michael Holden
Holden, Michael
Game Art and 3D Modeling Teacher, District Webmaster
Hoover, Lori
Health Sciences Teacher
Beth Kearns
Kearns, Beth
High School Principal
Gordan McWilliams
McWilliams, Gordan
Science Teacher
LaBradford Monroe
Monroe, LaBradford
District Athletic Director
Curtis Moore
Moore, Curtis
Orchestra & ChorusTeacher
Carol Munro
Munro, Carol
Math Teacher
Chrissy Neelon
Neelon, Chrissy
Visual Arts Teacher
Amy Parris
Parris, Amy
High School Counselor

Meaghan Rabb
Rabb, Meaghan
High School College Adviser
Aaron Robbins
Robbins, Aaron
Science Teacher
Nathan Russell
Russell, Nathan
English Teacher
Jose Salinas
Salinas, Jose
Spanish Teacher
Robert Shore
Shore, Robert
EC Teacher
Jody Smith
Smith, Jody
Science Teacher
Robin Smith
Smith, Robin
History Teacher
Eric Soto
Soto, Eric
ISS Coordinator
Karla Sprague
Sprague, Karla
Math Teacher
Justin Tarlton
Tarlton, Justin
Science Teacher
Joshua Trogdon
Trogdon, Joshua
History Teacher
Christopher Waddell
Waddell, Christopher
PE Teacher
Jennifer Walker
Walker, Jennifer
History Teacher
Kara Westmoreland
Westmoreland, Kara
Math Teacher
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